Improved Quality

Unfortunately, welding seems to be the one area that is often overlooked when it comes to quality!!
The equipment or the component would be of excellent design, very innovative, good paint finish and well marketed but the weld quality and appearance is a fine detail that can be often overlooked.

Your Potential Customers

It’s these fine details that often rob you of some of your potential customers and you won’t know why as they won’t mention to you what the problem is e.g. how many times have you walked into a shop (non food items) to buy something, you didn’t like what you saw and you walked back out again. The owner is left wondering why he has lost a potential customer! In your case you make sure you have all the fine details in order to avoid this happening. Getting a potential customer to look at your product is a huge achievement, don’t loose them over things like welding quality and appearance.

Maintenance Staff

Fitters, Mechanics, Electricians, Engineers
The amount of welding they might be doing may be small, but it is very important that it is completed correctly. In manufacturing the amount of welding can often be overdone but this can allow for some poor quality work on the component. With installation of equipment or during repair work you might only have small areas to allow for weld (10-50mm). This needs to be completed correctly and also the correct preparation needs to be done to achieve a successful joint. When the job has a quality look and it is finished without the aid of heavy cleaning devices it gives a customer great confidence in the work

Quality takes very little extra effort but makes a huge improvement to the finished product

Improved Attitude After Training

Results have shown that the employees attitude is more positive to achieving higher standards. It works as a recharge for some, as it may have being a number of years since they would have received training. Over this time they can also have developed some poor techniques. For more employees they may never have received any formal training so this can produce very positive results for them.

Working Relationships Improved

During training the importance of having a good relationship between the design office, quality control, management, fitters and welders etc. is emphasised. We encourage the employees to give feedback on what they are doing and if they see how it can be improved in what they are doing. Open the lines of communication through the different sectors more.
The more heads working together to make small improvements, over time it will lead to revolutionising the manufacturing process that is being used.