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What makes Welding Academy unique in what it does?

I started training in National training centres/colleges in 1998 shortly after being involved in the National Apprenticeship Competition in two disciplines, Welding and Metal Fabrication/Structural Steel Work. I was fortunate enough over the years to work in a number of training centres with great people and teaching the skills in my area of expertise following the standard training systems you would have in training centres/colleges.

In 2006 I set up Engineering Training Solutions, now Welding Academy to go out into industry to up-skill employees or train new Welders.

The big change we had to make in our approach we had to up our skills and develop a new training system to get people to high standards much quicker as industry could not afford to have employees tied up in training for long periods.

We also broadened our experience and skills from training in the vast variety of sectors that involved welding, which has led to Welding Academy becoming a global leader in getting people to high standards quickly.

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Would you like to Reduce Costs, Improve Quality and Employees Attitude?

Reduced Costs

  • Reduce production line rejects and warranty costs
  • Reduce cleaning time during and after manufacturing
  • Reduce consumables (Gas & Wire in MAG/MIG Welding)
  • Reduce the usage of Anti-spatter sprays

Improved Quality

  • Improved Attitude After Training
  • Working Relationships Improved
  • No Need For Heavy Cleaning Devices
  • Small Improvements Big Difference

Experienced Trainers

  • Trained over 20,000 people (1998 – 2017)
  • Complete Beginners to Experienced Engineers
  • Excellent Results & Feedback
  • Range Of Programs: See Below

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No cost for employees travelling to training, employees are using equipment they are familiar with, Tutor gets a better idea of what is being welded and can help the employee more.

Trained more than 20,000 professionals in Ireland with excellent results and feedback

“Bartie from Welding Academy was chosen over a number of possible suppliers for our company for a variety of reasons. Primarily, for the well put together training programme that suits our needs. He certainly delivered; his enthusiasm to achieve the best results possible from the workers who took part in the up-skilling was excellent.”

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A growing selection of courses

We have a selection of welding programmes for companies involved in the manufacturing process (engineering area), for companies involved in the fit-out of new or modifying processing plants, and for companies with maintenance staff (up-skilling on what they have and multi-skilling of other trade employees e.g. electrician) We also provide abrasive wheel training and RWC training programmes.

Some Of The Companies We Work With

We have used Bartie from Welding Academy at McHale’s on very regular basis since 2009.  We find Bartie very good with all the Welders no matter how much experience they have, in getting them to improve quality and increase their output.  Bartie will also go through weld sequence with them to improve structural integrity of the parts and how to move around the part they are welding.  Bartie also shows all the welders how to maintain their welding plants and welding torches to avoid down time.

We have used Bartie from Welding Academy for the last 10yrs with great success to train and upskill our crafts people to the EN9606 standard in ARC and MAG/MIG Welding

We have gotten Bartie from Welding Academy for many aspects of training with our staff for over the last 10 years and have found the training exceptionally well delivered with a very hands on practical approach which has in turn made our work force much more efficient and improved quality of work. I would highly recommend any individual or company to do some training with Bartie as it is in my opinion the best welding training you can get nationwide and will see instant results.  Bartie is a pleasure to work with and is exceptional at getting the best out of each individual he trains.

Bartie has worked very closely with our company for the last number of years. It has always been
beneficial to the company and its employees to have an external adviser like Bartie to assist/train
new techniques, along with teach employees to step back and re focus.

Mackey Plant Construction Ltd, has benefitted greatly from the training provided by Bartie Cash of Welding Acadamy Ltd.

What our customers say

Bartie from Welding Academy was chosen over a number of possible suppliers for our company for a variety of reasons.  Primarily, for the well put together training programme that suits our needs.  He certainly delivered; his enthusiasm to achieve the best results possible from the workers who took part in the up-skilling was excellent.

Bartie has proven himself to be very knowledgeable and a highly skilled trainer of both theory and practical aspects of welding.

Throughout the training Bartie has proven himself to be dedicated and committed to achieving high standards and getting the best results possible from each employee.

We have had various trainers come into our company who delivered training in various aspects of our business with variable results.  With Bartie we have seen a person who has come in and looked at what we do, design and delivered a training programme that was put together from training within industry for years and has delivered outstanding results across all our welders.”

Bartie has proven himself to be number one when it comes to taking people to the next level.  He is highly skilled in theory and practical.  His presentations which he provides, was something all the welders found it something they could relate to

I found Bartie to be very helpful and very positive minded in which his positivity spread onto me and helped me to achieve excellent results

Welding Academy course design is outstanding and the enthusiasm and dedication with the feedback to me was second to none.  Many thanks

We have found Bartie to be an excellent Tutor in both practical and theory.  All of the welders he has worked with have improved in all aspects of their job i.e. weld quality, appearance, speed and overall finish.

I have been welding for years but I didn’t realise I had so many bad habits until I completed welding training with Bartie.  Now I am not wasting time as I don’t need to use an angle grinder to clean up my welds afterwards.

Welding Academy has been great as they arrive onsite to deliver the training, no hassle, and all our employees enjoyed it

Thanks a million Bartie, once I followed your simple instructions and with some practice I achieved excellent results with test and my work.

Well done Bartie, I have this welder for the last 10 years and I could never achieve good results so I blamed the welder, now I see it was the fact I never had it set up properly and didn’t know how to get the best from the machine.  Thanks

Bartie you were right, it was worth a try, we started off with 3 crafts personnel taking the training and from there we now have 85 personnel trained, which they all have enjoyed immensely.  Well done.

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